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Extinct Marsupials and Monotremes

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This community is for those interested in extinct marsupials and monotremes from ancient to recent times as well as those interested in marsupials and monotremes in general.
A professional interest is not necessary, anyone is welcome to join.

This community is designed for:

2.Posting of art, photographs, and writing related to the topic (fictional writing and art as well as academic is allowed, as long as it remains on topic).
3.Posting of links of interest

The rules are simple:

1.Stay on topic
2.Don't make rude, cruel, or hostile comments. In other words, please respect all members.

Community Database of Ancient Marsupial and Monotreme Species
To add a species:Tag entry as 'database'. The format is not set in stone, but is a siggestion of the type of information that should be included.

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Thylacines are not quite extinct love

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